Michael Palmer’s Miracle Cure – A Decent Medical Intrigue

A highly entertaining tale of greed and medicine run amok. – Chicago Tribune

How far can you go to save a loved one’s life?

In fiction, regardless of genre, this question is almost always answered with ‘as far as possible.’


Protagonists do everything they can to save someone. Even if this means getting themselves in harm’s way. After all, where’s the thrill? In a medical thriller such as Miracle Cure, a solid narrative is necessary not only to get readers hooked in the suspense but also to get them interested in how the medical arena works.

Miracle Cure pretty much delivered a good narrative in general. Sequence of events was well presented, and Vasclear, the miracle drug in question, is a fascinating solution to worldwide-popular heart disease.

But as one of my favorite character in the story said:


And I tell you, Dr. Holbrook, anything that seems to be too good to be true invariably is to good to be true. Mark my words on that. There is no Santa Claus. Dr. Randa Laj

The story also presented the politics in a medical institution and the grave consequences of greed from people who are on the right position to make crucial hospital decisions but whose motivations lie somewhere else other than a patient’s wellbeing.

More than that of suspense and action, Miracle Cure is a story of greed. It’s a story of principle and organization and priorities. In Dr. Phil’s case, priority means keeping his job.

You know as well as I do that I’m not the brightest bulb on the academic light board  by any stretch, so I’ve hard to resort working that much harder than anyone else, keeping my nose clean, and most of all, playing by the rules. –  Dr. Phil Gianatasio

Characters were okay, and as I’ve pointed out, a decent narrative. But will I be recommending the book?

A fine read yes, but no, I don’t think so.

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