Ajin: Demi-Human Live Action Film – Brilliant Casting & Execution!

I haven’t seen the anime nor read the manga version of this show so I watched it with no prior reference to anything.

And I should say it’s a nice standalone film on its own.

The Premise

Set in a world inhabited by a number of Ajinshalf-humans gifted with extraordinary ability to regenerate, thus making them somehow immortal. 

Source: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com

Apparently, not all of the ‘Ajin’ are aware of their identities. The government publicly advertises their so-called ‘protection program’ for these beings, though, in reality, they hold them captive for research.

The research, of course, is far from ordinary. If any, it can be equated to torture.

The Stellar Cast

I’ve always been very mindful of the casting as they impact the overall delivery of the show. In this film’s case, they’re just brilliant. This is setting aside my personal bias to Takeru Satoh.

Gou Ayano, who played as the main villain Sato, was ‘ideal’ for the role. From his facial expressions to his natural bearing and voice, they all spell out terror – something that gives out this ‘run and hide feeling when he shows up and looks at you with a smile.

Source: http://www.straitstimes.com

In fact, I consider him as a necessary element in bringing out Takeru Satoh‘s own character. They balance each other’s roles, which I saw as a crucial element in the film’s execution.

What I like best

Izumi and Tanaka’s fighting scenes

Were highly physical.  Contrary to the main character’s battles, these supporting characters engaged in hardcore hand to hand combat which I like considering that I’m fascinated with fist fighting. Tanaka (played by Shirota Yuu) and Izumi (played by Rina Kawaei) seemed to be an unlikely match in battle with their differences in physique, but it’s stunning to see them go all out against each other and be on equal standing.

Compact storytelling

Had I seen the anime or read Ajin’s manga, I might have a different take, but as of this writing, I’m pretty much satisfied with the delivery. The premise was presented well, though it still left questions. The character motivations were reasonable and humane, too.

I can’t say I felt attached to the characters, nor have I rooted anyone on the show since the characterization was not fully developed, but I still had a good time watching it come to a resolution.

Takeru Satoh was the initial reason why I decided to give this a try, but the movie did well in encouraging me to go ahead and watch the anime series.

I’m interested in what you think about this show. Any thoughts?

View the show’s cast here.





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