On Blogging

It first came as an interest powered by curiosity.

The idea of blogging was an attraction – it made me feel in control as much as I’m responsible. 

Every time I put out a post, I feel the need to ensure it has the message I want to share. English isn’t my first language, and I’m not an English major too, so starting a blog using the language was a challenge.

But I am able to communicate, nonetheless.

As months pass by, blogging has become more than an interest. It became a routine, a habit. Then at some point a form of therapy for some intense emotional and mental issues I had to deal with.

Blogging then can be a wonderful past time. But I do it for it heals. And I learn more along the way.


Love, Simon Movie: How Hard is it to Hide a Secret?

Imagine how difficult it is to hide something from the people you trust and spend the most time with.

It’s suffocating.

gif, love simon, and nick robinson image

Love, Simon is a gentle reminder that we all have that something we keep to ourselves – something we wouldn’t want others to know, but at the same time hope that others would accept as part of who we are.

In Simon’s case, it’s the fact that he is gay. And while he is blessed with a loving family, it didn’t stop him from hiding his identity most likely because of fear.

And it’s a fear, a lot of us, I think, is familiar with – which makes Simon’s whole predicament highly relatable.

A list of it will probably look like this:

He fears to let his father down. For someone who’s obviously family-oriented, finding out how his only son is gay might be disappointing.

He fears the change that could happen in his relationships with friends. They’ve been friends for long. So why tell the secret just now and hide it for years?

He fears the stereotype/stigma at school. He’s not yet ready to be an outcast!

But then of course, this is just me trying to get into Simon’s shoes. The list of reasons could go more.

Anyway, we could learn a thing or two from how the story panned out.

First, hiding secrets is never easy. A no-brainer.

Second, choose your friends wisely.

Third, keep your social accounts access private. You’ll never know who’s snooping around – intentionally or unintentionally.

Bottomline, a secret is something personal. Revealing them is up to us and could use some good timing. Love, Simon is a fine story. The narrative was simple. And while predictable, it still manages to pull out that familiar tug in one’s heart –  especially to a sentimental like me.

So in a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, I’m giving this show an: