On Sensitivity

I’ve read somewhere how solitude can be dangerous as it can feel comfortable to the point that you stop wanting to deal with people.

Dealing with people, to be honest, can be tiring. It requires a certain amount of energy enough to handle a conversation. Most especially if you don’t like them.

That brings the question, what irks you in a person?

Me? I don’t like insensitive personalities. I’m bothered by individuals who act as though they’re the only people around – all the while ignoring what other people think.

Of course, minding others is a choice. But sensitivity is a basic courtesy. If one doesn’t care about what people think, then fine. But couldn’t one at least have the decency to feel for others?

Then again, not all share the same opinion. Not everyone has similar views on things. I’m might just be too sensitive. And I have troubles dealing with rude, insensitive personalities.

I’m no hypocrite. So don’t go telling me how I should play nice. At some point, cutting off connections and closing doors are all part of growing up.

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