Why do I write letters to fictional characters?

Why do I write letters?

Why do I write letters to fictional entities whom I can’t meet? Letters which will forever be hidden – unread?

Letters which express my profound appreciation of art.

Characters who are very well crafted leave a mark. They aren’t real but strangely feels real. They are even more relatable than real human beings – the funny thing about fiction.

There are characters who broke me.

Characters who made me happy.

Characters who taught me things I could never ever learn at school.

Such power is found on those characters that I sometimes hope for them to be real. To speak to them in person – to understand them at a personal level. It would be a pleasure.

But they are fictional.

They can’t be real.

Their dominion lies on the pages of the book I read, on the creative muse of those who brought them to life – their writers.

But I never regret meeting them – knowing them.

Some remained.

Others left with a lesson.

It’s a mysterious feeling. Weird. But beautiful.

Writing to them makes them feel real. It’s relaxing as it is meditative. It lets me dive into their world, speak to a character I’ve never known before – a chance to bear thoughts I never knew existed prior to writing them down.

Not all people see the beauty of writing.

Only a few.

I’m glad to be a part of the pact. Nothing could beat the feeling of wonder I have when writing.

It’s the craft I love – a craft I will forever do.

In God’s grace.

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