Lawless Lawyer Korean Drama: Good Cast with Bland Storyline

Despite my personal bias on any shows starring Lee Joo – Gi, I’d say this doesn’t come close to his ‘better’ works.

Apart from the mainstream premise of the show, the ever -popular revenge dynamic, Lawless Lawyer also failed to provide that gripping amount of tension, drama and conflict crucial to sustaining the story’s spirit.

I don’t have anything against the acting. In fact, I thought they did really well on their respective roles. Lee Hye Young who played the role of the master antagonist of the show, Cha Moon Sook, was especially good. Really good.

Kiseong District Judge, Cha Moon Sook

But there’s a limit to how much you can do with good acting. At the end of the day, it’s how the story unfolds that create a significant impact on the show.

Also, I get why the ‘romance’ aspect is added to the story. But I just don’t feel its necessity. The story can do just fine without it. Not to mention the lack of chemistry between Bong Sang-pil and Ha Jae-yi.

But then again, this could just be because of the storytelling.

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