Quick thoughts on the’Bodyguard’ television series – Compelling


A veteran war soldier suffering from PTSD who refuses to seek medical help finds a regular day job as the personal bodyguard of Home Secretary, Julia Montague.

I like the show. It’s short, fast-paced, well-written and has a nice group of characters that balances each other throughout the story. The premise isn’t really new – with a war veteran trying to find his place again in normal society while combating his post-mission trauma and grappling to salvage his marriage.

Conspiracy is a major theme throughout and I think the six-episode series delivered it really well. Tension was up, political drama on point, and the attempt to romance, though in the guise of an affair, is interesting – something that played well in adding to the intrigue. (And I liked the chemistry.)

For the cast, Richard Madden‘s a champ. He brought out David Budd’s character well – a mix of angst and determination fueled by a very strong sense of duty.

And yes, he looks stunning in a suit!

While I see the storytelling as linear it didn’t appear predictable. It can appeal dragging at first but once I started getting into the story, I just felt like I need to see how it play to the end. And that I did.

So will I be recommending this? Yes, if you’re up for this genre!

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