2020 New Year’s Greeting to all!

2019 has officially ended.

Yes. Take that in. Face the mirror and say goodbye to the past year.

You’ve survived 2019. There might have been mishaps and surprises on the way, but you have prevailed. You made it through!

You can rest, take a few days off, go on vacation away from home – you deserve it. But those who are already planning their next steps for the coming year (just like myself), today is a good day to just lock yourself at home, meditate, and write. Or just do nothing.

If I learned something from the past year, it’s the fact that we all can make use of a silent, uninterrupted, away-from-outside-noise moment where we can savor just the presence of SILENCE. 2019 was a loud year. And whether we like it or not, we have been bombarded by interruptions from all aspects of our lives. Well maybe not all of us. But you know what I mean.

And they’re all part of life. I’d like to think that no matter how negative they may seem, there is something good that came out of it. Unique to each of our own experiences.

So bask in happy, grateful thoughts and do away from all office, work-related stuff even just for today. January 1, 2020 is YOUR day.

Happy new year!