Netflix’s Prince of Tennis Live-Action Series – Worth Binging!

I got to give it to Netflix.

They did a wonderful job of bringing a Chinese live-action adaptation of the hit anime series, Prince of Tennis. I’m a very huge fan of the franchise, and the anime was one of the most unforgettable series during my childhood years. Even now, in fact.

There was a previous Chinese adaptation way back 2008, but I didn’t quite like their take on it and the cast didn’t leave much impression. And while it’s purely up to the makers how to approach an adaptation, I don’t think that show appealed well to its intended viewers.

Anyhow, we’re way past that experience and I’m just so glad that this time, they pulled it off really well.

What I liked about this 2019 version

The Cast

Is awesome. Their looks and manners were so on point, it’s pure joy watching them on screen.

Notable ones who are on top of my list are Peng Yuchang (as Lu Xia / Ryoma Echizen), Xie Bin Bin (as Mu Siyang / Kunimitsu Tezuka), Zhang Yi Jie (as Zhou Zhu / Syusuke Fuji) and Ren Yan Kai (as Ji Jingwu / Keigo Atobe).

Green Nature Photo Book Collage

The story sequence 

Stayed true to the source material. It’s been years since I saw the anime, but I can still narrate in sequence the schools that Seigaku fought from the provincial, regional to the national competition – #hardcorefan.

This series followed the anime’s progression closely, with minor creative variations here and there which were executed well so as not to deviate from the original storyline.

A pleasurable blast from the past which will make you want to rewatch the entire anime series!

The comedy

Is so on point, I swear. Like there wasn’t an episode where I didn’t laugh. It was hilarious. Everyone was so extra. Light-hearted and fun – happy experience!

Will I recommend it?

To the fans of the anime series, absolutely! If you’re one, then go. Try the first episode. If you’re not hooked, at least watch up until episode 4!


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