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The untamed celebrates its 1st year anniversary!

I feel the energy guys, I do.

We all thought the craze’s over.

NSMG Official doesn’t think so. They know how some people are still trapped in the WangXian limbo with no promise of immediate escape.

And why would we? It’s a story that calls for a celebration, and that’s exactly why over 4,000 people are in Youtube right now, waiting for the anniversary press conference set to start at around 2pm.

So yes, see you around!

The Untamed – The C-Drama series I binged this Quarantine

Quarantine isn’t exactly how most, if not all, of us want to spend our summer. Yet here we are.

But if you’re like me who subscribes to Netflix, severe case of boredom can be countered by watching films and series from just about any genre your mood feels like checking.

Two weeks ago, I’ve jumped into The Untamed bandwagon, and have never since jumped out as I consciously drowned myself into the WangXian universe.

I’ve first read the novel so I pretty much have a good grasp of how the story will go. But since it’s work from home setup for now, I get to have some extra time to check….well, extra stuff. And boy if I’m not falling deeper into this rabbit hole.

It’s a 50-episode watch, with roughly 40 minutes each. Lengthy, if you think about it, but not really once you start. Give it three episode tops and see if you’d like it.

The fandom’s still growing and you might just be the next member!