Introvert or Not, Welcome to My Lab!

My name is Venus.

An introvert, a dog lover, a book reader, anime blogger and a few more things that fall in the realms of introverting.

I like listening to music and my preference is in pop, though I don’t shut my doors for rock and classics when mood demands it. BTS and Spyair are my current preference. TVXQ 8 years ago. Prior to that is a playlist full of anime songs. And nothing but anime.

But times change. Preferences change. But one thing that doesn’t is the fact that I am an introvert and I enjoy doing things alone. Not a complete anti-social, mind you. But doing things ‘solo’ is how I function.

I’m a freelance writer by preference and a full-time coordinator by financial needs.

I love books. I love reading. And I dream to be an author.

Dream come true…

And yes, believe it or not, I just became AN AUTHOR like less than a month ago….My debut work – Caffeinated Solitude

It’s my (Crissa and mine, actually) caffeinated brain at work. A collection of short, evocative poems that capture the reader’s imagination. Within each individual poem is a complex story that prompts readers to envision the circumstances that brought characters to such dramatic deeds.

The poems can be read quickly, – written in solitude but inspired by many.

And if by reading what I just wrote you want to give it a look, check the preview from

Now the blog

MAY 2018 is this blog’s birthday. I’d prefer calling this a laboratory – a digital outlet for all ‘introvert’ stuff I do. For instance, reading books, which gave birth to book reviews.

Rants are off-limits, but opinions-slash-reflections on real-life events are part of the learning process. So yes, you’ll come across a few along the way.

Call it self-serving, but introverts speak what they want in the medium they’re comfortable at. This is mine. So go navigate through that ‘BLOG’ section on the upper right panel and tell me what you think!